Feel Good. Love food.

With our catering menu, we wanted to take all the things that our customers love about our in-store offering and bring it to you fresh to share with your friends and colleagues. Whether you’re catering for a meeting or a family event, we are confident your guests will love Sprout.


Our program is designed to address a variety of catering needs, from our spreads designed for a shared group meal experience to individual lunch boxes. Our Snack Trays and Add-Ons allow you to customize your order to fit event needs.

Salad & Wrap SPREADS

$95/serves 10

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Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 1.36.40 PM.png

Each of our catering boxes serve up to 10 people. All dressing comes on the side. Salads come with complementary lavash.

Individual lunch boxes

$10.75/person |  8 person minimum

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Salads and wraps include dressings on the side. Salads come with complementary lavash.

• favorite combos •

(serves 10+)

Ensalada Mexicana (salad) + Argentine Steakhouse (half wraps) • seasonal fruit tray w/ in-house honey mint yogurt •  blueberry basil lemonade • assorted sweets tray

Ensalada Mexicana (salad) + Argentine Steakhouse (half wraps)  •  seasonal fruit tray w/ in-house honey mint yogurt
•  blueberry basil lemonade  •  assorted sweets tray

UMAMI BOMB  |  $225
(serves 15+)

Umami Bomb.png

K-Town (half wraps) + Chicken Caesar (half wraps)  •  vegetable tray w/ chipotle hummus
•  tomato basil soup  •  15 bottled beverages  •  assorted sweets tray

BIG KAHUNA  |  $365
(serves 25+)

BIg Kahuna.png

Heartland Cobb (half wraps) + Argentine Steakhouse (half wraps) •  Ensalada Mexicana (salad) + Mighty Aphrodite (salad)  •  seasonal vegetable tray w/ roasted pepper hummus  •  seasonal fruit tray w/ in-house honey mint yogurt  •  blueberry basil lemonade  •  cucumber mint lemonade  •  2 assorted sweets trays


Please place your order by 4 pm for delivery the following day.  We will do our best to accommodate last minute orders and cancellations, however, 50% same day cancellation charge applies (we adjust our daily produce deliveries based on expected volume).  Credit card information is required at the time of order, but will not be charged until the day of delivery.  If you are ordering online, we'll get in touch to confirm a few things.
All catering orders are available with a full complement of disposable items if requested.

*Extra charge may apply.